Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Back at it again! Galicia & Portugal ... PEK

Las lesiones son un rollo! Lentas, dolorosas y aburridas, hace ya dos meses desde que me rompí la costilla en México, al fin he podido salír a kayakear un poco...
Me compro un billete train to Vigo, I get really expensive! I spend Sunday night in the train and arrived in Vigo the following morning. Get Injured

sucks, painful, boring and Takes a lot of time to heal, 2 months it Have Been Since I broke my rib in Mexico, finally I got to get out and kayak a bit!
I Bought a train ticket to Vigo, super expensive! Spent all night in the train and Arrived to Galicia in the morning.
84 euros from BCN to Vigo! We mad or what? I
time walking around town, while waiting for Emily to come get me.
La Puerta del Sol, Vigo.

We met Katya and Pringle to row the High Tea the next day, a good river class III + / IV beautiful scenery and very good fast catching way to go!

I met with Katya and Pringle to go paddle the High Tea the next day, a good class III + / IV with beautiful scenary and good rapids to get in shape!

Emilio el puto amo!
going for the hamburger of His Life!
After a few days in Galicia we moved to Portugal, my friend Paul Mollet has spent the season there paddling very best, with incredible amounts of water! Muita envy!
Paul in one of the best rapids of Tamega

After A Few Days in Galicia we move in to Portugal, my friend Paul has-been paddling all the season the best shit, with lots of water! Rat Good job!

Bonito fast in the Deca.
Aniol enjoying the best rapid of Tamega.
later rowed a great section with very steep, many slides and a variety of steps incredible! Unfortunately, the water level left much to be desired and was not a good flow. We paddle

Deca and Genesis in the Same day, the second one it's super low, But Promises To Be a sick river with more water, tons of slides and rapids cool!
Put-in Genesis.
Cobra in another of the many slides.
Bonita photo of the river from the road.
Pringle! Always smiling no matter what.

Let's go kayaking!

Rabice invited us to sleep at home and next morning we woke up early to go to run the Castro Laboreiro. We wanted to make the two sections on the same day. Liam and we do not enter the river until after 12 noon.

We stay in Rabice's house, and next morning we drive to go to Castro Laboreiro Both sections run in the Same Day, We Went slow so we Entered in the river at 12 o'clock ..
I've been waiting years to run this river!

Cobra in the first rapid, sweet shot by Rabice.
Paul enjoying the rapids of Castro!

scouteabamos THE FOLLOWING
the 3-meter drop
While fast after this jump, kayaking Pringle fell into the water and ran the portage, when recovered, had a slice of more than 10 cm in the hull, we tape and more tape to the take-out of the first section. Pringle stood there, and I could not follow and the rest of us throw at full throttle toward the falls, we were very tight in time.

WHERE While we
next scouting the rapids of this drop, fall off pringle's kayak to the water and ran the portage, we got it back When It Was totally broken. We made it to the take-out of the 1st section with lots dub-tape of Pringle But Had to take-out there, while the Others rally down to the drops!
Aniol in the first jump, a good Boof's what I play!
Katya Another line styling.
Cobra on the second drop, just after the 1st one!

I got out of the kayak to record the second cascade, when suddenly I start to hear screaming, I turn and see my kayak was speeding down the river ... Turn on impact and turns when just arrived to pick it up, is very slippery and full of water kayaking, drag me into the mainstream. I have unbuckled helmet and not even know what to do, tie the hull and try catch me somewhere. I decided for the second, but it's all too smooth and resbalazido ... I see that inevitably I will run the waterfall swimming and kayaking next to me, just before it hit bottom fall and jump a few meters ahead to avoid falling into the stream or stay in the cave back.

Mr. Word on the jump in question!

very deep and takes a while to surface, but hey I'm fine! After a few seconds I see Rabice that has been pulled away to take a cable! Touch my head to find that the impact has broken in half ... GoPro raging, chao
camera ... It took a long time yet to leave the river, as the kayak portage there is a word and you have to go find him, in short, an adventure of which are remembered for lifetime, sorry for the camera but hey, you have to see el de las cosas positive side, if Hizo daño nadie!

Update 1st Descent del del Umia coming really soon!

La buena people from Portugal! Rabies, Jao y Antonio.

All the photos by Jorge Da rabies coast, Pringle & Kulkova Katya, thanks a lot!



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