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15 - January - 2011 Celebrating Christmas

As is now standard, we again met all the components Pisapraos and supporters and women from some members of the group to celebrate Christmas.
This is just an excuse to have a good day in the mountains and enjoy the company of friends.
For this occasion, as it has people who are not quite used to the gears on the mountain we made a walk not too long or too hard but highly attractive in terms of the places through which discourse will the same.

As many people go and before we start driving to breakfast, we make a scheduling permissive enough for people to walk apart, can be chatting with colleagues and enjoying the mountain, as many of the areas you will walk reason is unknown to many.
started Navacepeda Area de Tormes and take the road leading to Five Lakes for after a while, leave and take the path that leads to the Lagunilla s.

continue at a pace that invites dialogue, reflection and recreation of the spirit, ie recreating a little, slowly but well, that is, to enjoy the day.
And we are gradually gaining ground and we have before us the first of our objectives, Risco Redondo, a peak not visited too high nor too big on features .

But to get before we have to overcome some difficulties such as the torrents of water produced by melting

and occasional door.

After a field more or less not very complicated, it's time for a first effort, we have a climb to Redondo Risco not very long but a good slope that makes the group broke up a bit and each go up to the pace that suits you .

We reached the top and make a short stop to take some fruit and enjoy the views .

continue our march, Redondo Risco and descend to the direction of the wafers hut .

"Caminante no hay camino, is made by walking" and that is precisely what we tried, because from here until the hut there are no references or trails, but hey, we are on the top of the wafers and we meet with broom areas not too close to allow a good passage between them .

areas also do not find stone that costs a bit more to overcome, especially because sometimes you have to make some balances but much more experienced as the most novel, we got through without a hitch.

Already we have very little stretch to reach the Chozo of Waffles and the mood among the group is very high since we will be able to enjoy some fine views of the Five Lakes area and because every time we have less road for refreshment point where we will meet with other colleagues who have risen to the point of meeting other area.

The hut is our feet and enjoy a wonderful view of Nevada Head, La Galana and the whole circus of Five Lakes.

After a brief stop, we resume the march for the purposes of Dimples, a place of great beauty yet unknown to most people who go to Gredos, and which were recently launched by other .

Down to The Dimples .

Once in the Minor and as Hoyuela not walk very good time as the other students are waiting for us at the shelter, we take the path that leads to Hoyuela Mayor, but go directly to the shelter, where we will give a good account of all the food that people have been .

And here and now comes the acknowledgments.
A Magdalena and Maria Jose for dealing with all the preparations and progress quartermaster
A Asun for its delicious tortillas various types
A Pili and Fernando for their peppers to accompany the tortillas and champagne
A Magdalena and Isidro for their pies and snacks for
A Felix for organic products
A M ª José for their stock and excellent cakes and Luis for transporting (surely any comments made to this in the blog because I do not think the stock he does it)
Petra and Paul by their coffee and milk (for which I would like one or the other or both mixed)
A Mariola and Carlos for their terrific concoction of champagne and lemon
A Manuel for your typical Christmas products
But I would like to make special mention (and I hope others will forgive me) to the Marine and Nuria extraordinary news they gave us, CONGRATULATIONS GUYS.
I do not think I've forgotten anyone and I did not miss any product,
Thank you all for your help .

After giving good account of all the food (and not on anything I do not know if the march was hard or that we were very hungry) came time to pick up everything, because you see as we leave the table for this celebration, we brokered .


cleaning and collected all the equipment, we resumed the march down a different path and we had prepared cars at various points .

although we have to overcome any other difficulty that we encounter on the road.

The march is taking its last legs and people will come to the end of the march over the bridge of Zapardiel .

But we still have forces before they reach the car drivers to give a good account of the last pieces of nougat and marzipan sprinkled with some glasses of champagne and cider.
Then we go to Hoyos del Espino to catch some beers and fall.

seems, according to this review, we spent all day drinking and eating, but I assure you also walk a few times.


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